Work-Comp InjuryInjured on the job? First things first…be sure to notify a supervisor about the injury and the way in which it occurred, as soon as possible. An injured employee who does not inform his or her employer, in writing, within 30 days after the date of the accident causing the injury, may lose the right to workers compensation benefits. In the case that an occupational disease occurs, notification to the employer should be given within two years after disablement, or within two years after the claimant knew or should have known that the disease was work-related, whichever is later. Injuries caused by any work related hazard, or caused in the working environment can in most placed be considered a workers comp injury. Workers Compensation is insurance that most employers obtain in order to protect themselves incase an employee gets injured on the job. Workers comp covers the medical expenses incurred by the employee while trying to get treatment. The process when one gets injured at work is different with every company. The most common way that employers handle workers compensation injuries is once the injury happens, the employer contacts their insurance company and begins the process of reporting a claim. Once the claim has been processed the insurance company will issue a claim number and a case agent. Once the injured patient has received that information they may schedule an appointment for a procedure that is necessary. If scheduled at one of our convenient locations, after provided with the claim number, agent information, and telephone number, one of our friendly staff members calls the agent to get approval for payment of procedure. This is usually a very quick process depending on the agent. Once our office has obtained approval for the procedure, then it is all good to go from there. Your procedure will be one hundred percent covered by the insurance company of the employer. Be sure to follow doctor's instructions to have a nice and speedy recovery. Also with some cases it is necessary to attend an Independent Medical Examination if you are required to do so. After all necessary procedures and treatments your physician recommends, all you now have to worry about is getting better. If you need diagnostic tests or prescription medicine, your workers compensation insurance carrier or your employer may require you to obtain your tests or your medicine from a diagnostic network or designated pharmacies or a network of pharmacies they have contracted with. It is required that you receive written notice if you are required to utilize a diagnostic network or designated pharmacies or a network of pharmacies. So if you have not received this notification, it is more than likely you may be seen by your choice of facility. If you have been injured on the job and have any questions about your workers comp. claim and how we can help, please feel free to give our scheduling coordinators a call. They are specialized and trained to handle all types of workers compensation claims for your convenience.

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