painPost-surgical pain is a response to trauma to the tissue that is caused by surgery. The pain can take place in areas of the body that had nothing to do with. The result is pain in areas not directly affected by the surgical procedure. Post-operative pain may be experienced if the procedure was taken place either in-patient or outpatient. Post-operative pain can be felt after minor dental surgery or the most serious surgeries, it varies with every person. Post-operative pain interferes with recovery and can mean in some cases there have been complications. It can also affect the amount of time it takes to return to normal daily activities. Management of post-surgical pain is available and affordable. When pain is eliminated, it causes a patient to be able to return close to the way of life they are used to. Getting treatment for post-operative pain may also help with sleep. Some may find it difficult to sleep while in pain, so getting treatments for pain can be very helpful. There are two different types of pain. Physiologic and clinical pain. Physiologic pain is painful sometimes and at other times cannot feel pain at all. Clinical pain is usually felt in non-injured areas and the surgery area itself, all at the same time. It is especially sore around the incision area. This explains why you may feel pain while moving in areas far from the surgical site. Patients handle post-operative pain in several different ways. Some people depend on high dosage of pain medication after surgery to eliminate post-operative pain, while others take the minimum amount. Every body is different and has different tolerations. Body size may have an effect on the amount of medication taken to eliminate pain. Some find that pain medications do not help. Post-operative pain is not something to be taken lightly, especially when treatments are available and affordable to get the pain caused by post-operative pain reduced significantly. If you have been experiencing post-operative pain such as the ones described, please don’t hesitate any longer to get the help that is available to you. If you have been experiencing pain caused by post-operative pain and have any questions about how we can help, please feel free to give our scheduling coordinators a call, they are always happy to assist those in need. They are specialized and trained to get you in with one of the board certified pain management physicians that can best be equipped to suit your needs. Having post-operative pain is a very difficult thing to experience. Please use the expertise of our pain management physicians to get you back to feeling like yourself again.

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