brainMigraines, tension, and cluster headaches are very painful and can rob you of quality of life. Migraine symptoms may include nausea, pounding headache, become sensitive to light, and vomiting. There are several types of headache remedies include various types of pain relievers and pain medicine injections. Anti-nausea medication may sometime be given in order to reduce the pain. People experiencing headaches called cluster headaches experience headaches at different times of the day. It mainly happens one to three times per day during a short period of time. This may last weeks to several months. People who have cluster headaches experience an episode one to three times per day during a period of time. These headaches generally take place around the same time each year, such as summer or winter. Most of the time, cluster headaches occur just a few hours after one has fallen asleep. It is said that the cluster headaches occurring at night are more painful than daytime cluster headaches. Cluster headaches are said to be more painful than most migraine headaches. A cluster headache typically awakens a person from sleep one to two hours after going to bed. These nocturnal attacks can be more severe than the daytime attacks. Cluster headaches can also be more intense than a migraine headache. In some cases the headaches go away for months at a time, only to reappear again. The most common headache known to young adults are called tension headaches, also known as stress headaches. Tension headaches can happen for some people less than 15 times per month, others experience these types of headaches on a daily basis. Most people explain the feeling of tension headaches as a band like feeling wrapped around the head, it also has a painful effect on the neck region. It is sometimes also referred to as a throbbing sensation that occurs in the middle of the head or the temples. Most people can still do their daily tasks with these headaches. Headaches are not something to be taken lightly, especially when treatments are available and affordable to get the pain caused by headaches reduced significantly. If you have been experiencing headaches such as the ones described, please don't hesitate any longer to get the help that is available to you. If you have been experiencing pain caused by headaches and have any questions about how we can help, please feel free to give our scheduling coordinators a call, they are always happy to assist those in need. They are specialized and trained to get you in with one of the board certified pain management physicians that can best be equipped to suit your needs. Having headaches and experiencing the pain that goes along with it is a very difficult thing to experience. Please use the expertise of our pain management physicians to get you back to feeling like yourself again.

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