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If you are considering any type of spinal surgery or if you are having difficulties with your back, one of the best options that are available to you is to have an MRI. This is a test that can produce a very clear picture of the soft tissues in the area of the spine, as well as the bone that makes up the spinal column. Before any type of surgical procedure takes place on the back, it is important for you to consider getting an MRI because it can form a very important basis for the procedure itself.

In many cases, the facility that is going to provide you with the MRI will do a review of the images that were taken. This may also be something that is done by your primary care physician. It is important, however, for you to consider having a free MRI review completed by The DFW Pain Docs. We are specialists who can assist you with a wide variety of pain and we can review your MRI so that we will be able to determine what is wrong and can give you a second opinion, if you have already had the files reviewed previously.

It is also important to note, many primary care physicians who review MRIs are not specialists in pain and are not necessarily fully qualified to review these types of scans. This can result in significant problems, especially if it is interpreted incorrectly. That is why you should always trust your free MRI review to the specialists at The DFW Pain Docs. By reviewing these scans properly, we can understand the source of the pain that you are experiencing and can give you a variety of options which may be available to help control your pain significantly.

What Is an MRI?

Many individuals who are about to undergo some type of spinal procedure consider getting an MRI because of the benefits that it provides. It is important to note, if you have had an MRI in the past, it does not necessarily mean that it is current. It is necessary for you to have had a recent MRI within the past 6 or 12 months in order for it to be considered to be current. Otherwise, it may be possible that the review would not turn up the issues that were specifically causing the pain that you are experiencing.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a type of technique which produces detailed images of the tissues and organs within the body. It uses a magnetic field, along with radio waves in order to produce that image. Although you are getting a view of the inside of your body, it does not use any type of x-ray radiation in order to take the pictures.

Having an MRI is a painless procedure, but it is not a procedure that all individuals can take advantage of. Because it uses a magnet in order to produce the scan, individuals who have heart pacemakers are not able to have an MRI because it can affect the pacemaker. The same is also true who have metal clips in or metal chips around the eyes. Although it is a painless procedure, individuals who suffer from claustrophobia may have a difficulty with MRI scanning.

An MRI can be utilized for any number of different conditions. It is a very accurate way to determine if there is disease in the body and can be used as a way to test the body for confirmation of diagnosis. Many people who are about to undergo spinal surgery have an MRI to see exactly what is wrong and what can be done in order to correct the issue.

At The DFW Pain Docs we offer a free MRI review because we want you to get the optimal treatment that is available for your condition. You can contact us today for more information about this review and the various options which may be available to help you deal with your pain successfully. We have 10 convenient locations throughout the Dallas Metroplex and offer same or next day appointments for your convenience.

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