A look at cooled RF technology for back pain

reduce hip pain with cooled rfIf you are somebody that suffers from chronic back pain, there are procedures that are available which are noninvasive and can help to reduce the amount of pain that you are experiencing. One advancing technology that is now being used in many medical practices for the reduction of back pain are cooled radiofrequency (RF) treatments. These types of treatments make use of a specialized radiofrequency probe that produces a lesion size that is larger than standard radiofrequency treatments. Because the lesion is larger, a larger area is able to be treated.

Cooled radiofrequency technology can be used for a number of different treatment options when it comes to chronic back pain. The sacroiliac joint is a common area that is treated with this technology and it is one that is responsible for much of the lower back pain that people experience on a chronic basis. When cooled radiofrequency technology is used in the area, it limits the amount of pain signals that are being transmitted from the sacroiliac joint and can significantly reduce your pain levels. This type of treatment may also be used in the thoracic facet joint as well.

Other treatments along with cooled RF technology

Another treatment option that you may want to consider for reducing chronic spine pain is the use of a Neuro E-Stim. This device requires a minimally invasive surgical procedure to implant the stimulators on your spine which will transmit the signals and reduce the pain that you are experiencing. Pain is a sensation that travels from the area of discomfort to your brain and it is interpreted in the brain as the discomfort that you are experiencing. By stimulating the spine in various areas, it can help to reduce the pain and limit the problems that are associated with it.

Both cooled RF technology and the Neuro E-Stim are minimally invasive procedures that carry a limited amount of risk when they are utilized. The Neuro E-Stim is a FDA approved, non-narcotic device that is reversible. You can discuss this device and the possibility for other treatment options with your doctor to see which is going to work for you and your specific needs.