Have you had a failed back surgery?

options after failed back surgery - neuro e stimAny type of surgery carries risks but a spinal surgery is one that carries severe risks that could be devastating and long-lasting. In an effort to reduce the pain that they are experiencing and to limit their discomfort, some individuals have opted for spinal surgery but were sorry that they did so when the surgery failed. They may have experienced additional problems because of mistakes that were made during the surgical procedure but it could also be possible that the surgery went as planned and it did not have an effect on the patient. In either case, you can use the Neuro E-Stim to produce pain relief and to help limit the chronic problems that are often associated with spinal issues

The Neuro E-Stim is an electrical device that is attached to the spinal column and produces electrical signals that limit the pain signals that are being transmitted to the brain. The device does produce sensation in the area, but it is often perceived as a tingling, known as paresthesia, which is similar to what is felt when you use a tens unit. That electrical signal blocks the pain and although the pain signals are still being transmitted to the brain, they are not perceived as such by the brain. When you have had failed back surgery, it may be able to help limit the pain that you are still experiencing so that you can lead your day-to-day life in an appropriate manner

A Look at the Trial System

There is a trial device which comes in the form of an external trial stimulator that is placed outside of the body and produces a similar affect to what occurs when it is surgically implanted into the body. The lease produce stimulation to the spine and a remote control device allows you to adjust the amount of therapy that you are experiencing. It also allows you to control the area of the spine that is being stimulated and it does so without the use of cords, which is very convenient

If chronic back pain is a problem and they back surgery did not work at helping to improve the situation, the Neuro E-Stim may be the solution that you need. It is an FDA approved, reversible, non-narcotic device that can help those who suffer from chronic pain difficulties

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