The Neuro E-Stim produces non-narcotic pain relief

neuro e stim is non narcoticOne of the issues that are associated with many treatments for pain is the fact that it uses a narcotic medication that has many side effects which are associated with it. Some of those side effects could be dangerous, especially if you are operating heavy equipment or driving a vehicle. It can be very difficult to balance your life when you are dealing with the issue with narcotics and if you don't use those narcotics, you may be suffering from chronic pain that is unbearable. Fortunately, there is an option that is available which can help to reduce the pain that you are experiencing without the use of narcotics. That option is the Neuro E-Stim device.

Many of the narcotics that are used for reducing chronic pain cause drowsiness, dizziness and other uncomfortable symptoms. The Neuro E-Stim, on the other hand, reduces the pain that you are experiencing by stimulating the spinal column directly through the use of electrical current. The low-level electrical stimulation that is transmitted to the spine can help to reduce the pain signals that are being transmitted from the area of discomfort to the brain. You may experience some mild tingling when you use the Neuro E-Stim, something that is known as paresthesia, but it is not nearly as uncomfortable as the chronic pain that may currently be a problem.

The reversible process

You may have avoided spinal surgery in favor of using a narcotic drug because of the possibility for serious problems occurring. It could also limit your ability to work and most individuals are unable to afford time off of work for an extended amount of time. When you choose the Neuro E-Stim, however, it allows you to get back to work quickly and it is a reversible procedure, so that you never have to worry about any long-term problems that are associated with it.

Regardless of whether you drive a truck, operate heavy equipment or are a professional that needs to be at work and have your full attention focused on it, you can trust the Neuro E-Stim to provide you with what you need. It is an FDA approved device that can produce the pain relief that is necessary so that you can lead your day to day life properly.

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