Neuro e stim unlike surgeryComparing Neuro E-Stim to spinal surgery

When you are suffering from a problem with chronic back pain, your Doctor may have a number of different options that are available to you. In some cases, nonsurgical procedures are going to be considered but your Doctor may also want to consider spinal surgery, especially if it is a difficult case. Unfortunately, spinal surgery carries a number of risks which could end up increasing the amount of difficulties that you have or could even result in paralysis, if something happens to go wrong. On the other hand, the Neuro E-Stim may be recommended by your physician and this is a device which can help to limit your pain without the use of invasive surgical procedures.

The Neuro E-Stim is going to require some surgery, but it is minor compared to many other types of spine surgery. During the surgical procedure, part of the device is going to be implanted under the skin which will provide direct stimulation to the spine in order to reduce your pain. There is also an external part of the device, which is a remote control that will control how much stimulation your spine is experiencing. Unlike many types of invasive spine surgery, the Neuro E-Stim is a reversible procedure and it is non-narcotic. It is also a process that is FDA approved, so you can feel comfortable when using it.

Taking the Neuro E-Stim for a test run

Unlike spine surgery, the Neuro E-Stim is able to be tested for effectiveness before any surgical procedure is going to take place. This test takes place with the stimulator on the outside of your body and it will produce stimulation to the spine which will allow you to see how it is going to work in your particular case. If it is successful and the test run works well for you, it may be implanted so that you can use it more directly and to its fullest benefit that is possible.

If you are currently on medication, you may continue to use the medication under your Doctor's direction while you are using the Neuro E-Stim. Since this device may be able to reduce the amount of pain that you are experiencing, it may also reduce the amount of pain medication that is necessary. This is something that you should discuss with your doctor before making any changes to your medication.

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