For those suffering from chronic back pain in the Argyle area

argyle chronic back painThe spine is truly an amazing part of the human body. The spinal column is made up of a number of vertebrae and those vertebrae are separated by spongelike material, known as the intervertebral disc. It carries the spinal column and nerves branch out from the spinal cord to various areas of the body. Those nerves transmit signals to and from those parts of the body, allowing for the voluntary and involuntary movements that we all experience. Those nerves also transmit pain and at times, issues may result in chronic back pain and a difficulty with leading a comfortable day-to-day life.

If you are dealing with pain, it can be a result of any number of different issues. At times, one of the vertebrae may be resting against the nerves in the area, such as what would occur during degenerative disc disease or if you have a herniated disc. Sciatica is also a common problem, leading to lower back pain and pain in the legs. This is a result of the sciatic nerve being pinched or damaged and it certainly can result in chronic pain that is difficult to handle. At The DFW Pain Docs, we understand your situation and can offer you the innovative techniques which will allow you to overcome the pain and improve your quality of life.

Argyle pain relief techniques offered through DFW Pain Docs

When you come into one of our 10 convenient offices that are located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we will assess your situation. Our professional pain doctors are familiar with a wide variety of treatment options that can assist you. These could include spinal injections or other minimally invasive techniques which will help to give you long-term pain relief by reducing inflammation or other issues which are causing the pain that you are experiencing.

We also offer a device that is known as the Neuro E-Stim. This non-narcotic device is approved by the FDA and it can give you the pain relief that you desire without the use of pain pills. It stimulates the spine and blocks some of the pain signals that are being transmitted to the brain. It is approved by many types of insurance, including Medicare, so be sure to call the DFW Pain Docs today.