Arlington back painDo you suffer from back pain?

There are many individuals who live in the Arlington area that suffer from chronic back pain and deal with it on a day-to-day basis. Although pain is an important part of the human experience, chronic pain is something that can reduce our quality of life and many of us suffer needlessly. Spinal pain is interesting in the fact that it deals with the nerves which transmit signals, including pain signals, from all areas of the body. When an issue occurs with the spine, such as a herniated disk, blunt force trauma or degenerative disc disease, we may experience upper back pain or lower back pain on a consistent basis. What can be done to deal with this problem?.

It is likely that you have visited your primary care physician and you may have also seen a chiropractor to address the problem with spinal pain that you are experiencing. They may refer you to The DFW Pain Docs, where you can get innovative treatment while still remaining under the care of your primary care physician or chiropractor. The treatment options that we offer our quite varied and, depending upon the type of back pain that you are experiencing, we will be able to decide what is best for you. We will discuss those treatment options with you and then offer them professionally, so that spinal pain will be minimized.

What are some of the options that we offer?

We have 10 offices in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to assist you with the problem that you are experiencing. One of the options that we offer is a device that is known as the Neuro E-Stim. It provides stimulation to the spine and it is a unique device, in the fact that you are able to control the amount of stimulation and the area that is being stimulated through a remote control device. It can be used on a trial basis so that you can see the effect that it will have on the back pain that you are experiencing.

Other techniques that may be offered include steroid injections, nerve block and facet injections. Contact The DFW Pain Docs today. There is no need for you to continue dealing with chronic back pain in the Arlington area.