Dealing with Pain in the Trophy Club Area

Trophy club painPain is something that all of us experience and it is a natural part of the human body which allows us to know when there are problems which exist. Pain signals are transported from the area of discomfort to the brain through the spinal cord and they are interpreted as pain when they reach the brain. Unfortunately, some of us deal with chronic back pain and it can be difficult for us to lead a quality life when we are constantly suffering as a result of a back pain issue. Fortunately, there are options that are available which can help you with dealing with pain and improving your quality of life.

At The DFW Pain Docs, we offer a number of innovative treatment programs which can assist you in overcoming pain, depending upon the type of pain that you are experiencing. Some of those procedures involve an injection to the body, such as a trigger point injection (TPI) or an epidural steroid injection (EPI). In the case of an epidural steroid injection, steroids are directed to the area that is experiencing pain in order to provide long-term pain relief by reducing inflammation. It is a common procedure and we understand how to do it professionally so that any issues which may exist are minimized. A number of other pain management services are also offered by our physicians.

Working with Your Trophy Club Doctor

We understand that many individuals have a primary care physician or a chiropractor that they work with regularly in order to feel better and to overcome the spinal pain that they are experiencing. Our pain management physicians are able to work with those doctors and we coordinate with them in order to ensure that you are getting the best treatment that is available. They will still remain your primary care physician or your chiropractor but we will work with them so that you can be more successful in dealing with pain and overcoming it.

Our doctors will assist you in understanding the pain treatment options that are available for those who live in the trophy club area. Those options may also include the Neuro E-Stim, an electronic device that provides stimulation to the spine and non-narcotic pain relief. Contact us today for more information about this and other options which may be available for your situation.

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