Treatment for chronic pain in the Keller area

Keller chronic painFar too many of us suffer from chronic painful conditions, especially those that affect the back. Upper back pain can make it difficult for you to move about freely and lower back pain can affect your quality of life in many different ways. These painful conditions can occur for a wide variety of reasons, including injury that may have taken place due to playing sports, being in an automobile accident or being injured on the job. There also painful conditions which can result in chronic pain, including cancer pain, sciatica and diabetic neuropathy.

In the case of lower back pain or upper back pain, there are options that are available which may be able to assist those in the Keller area with dealing with pain successfully. At The DFW Pain Docs, we use a number of innovative treatment techniques which can assist you with your problems. In some cases, it may be necessary for you to have spinal injections. Steroid injections can assist you with back pain by reducing the inflammation that is in the area. Because the inflammation is reduced, it can also take some of the pressure off of the nerve that is being pinched and causing the spinal pain that you are experiencing.

Additional options for pain in Keller

There are also other options which may be available to help you to deal with pain in your back. One of those options is the Neuro E-Stim, an FDA approved device that can be used on a trial basis. It provides electrical stimulation to the spine which can help to block some of the signals that are being transmitted to the brain. This helps to reduce the pain that you are experiencing and it is usually perceived as a mild tingling, similar to what is experienced through a tens device.

There is no need for you to suffer from pain needlessly. Contact The DFW Pain Docs for more information today. We can work with your primary care physician or with your chiropractor for a more thorough treatment option and to ensure a persistent treatment program which will help you to deal with pain and to eventually overcome it. We have 10 locations throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex so that you can get the convenient assistance that you need.

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