What results can be expected from cooled RF technology?

Cooled RF for elbow painThe number of options that are available for pain relief can be difficult to navigate, as there is advancing technology which may produce results that are of benefit to you in comparison to other types of technology. One of the newer forms of pain relief that is used for back and joint pain throughout the body is cooled RF technology. This type of technology is used on many individuals and it can produce a substantial amount of pain relief, when it is used properly. What kind of results can you expect?.

Cooled RF technology produces larger lesions than standard RF technology, which allows it to affect the nerve to a greater degree. Since the nerve is responsible for transmitting pain signals that are causing you discomfort, damaging the nerve and reducing its ability to transmit the signals through cooled RF treatments may help to substantially reduce your pain. The treatment itself is minimally invasive and it is often done on an outpatient basis so that you can return your day-to-day activities soon after the procedure takes place. The results may differ from one individual to another but in many cases, it can produce substantial pain relief that will last for a long time.

Additional options for the reduction of pain

Along with cooled RF technology, there are also other advancing technologies which can help to reduce the amount of pain that you are experiencing. One of those options is the use of the Neuro E-Stim, which sends electrical signals directly to the spinal column and can reduce the transmission of nerve pain from the area of discomfort. This device is implanted under the skin in a minimally invasive procedure but there is also a trial period, in which it will work from outside of the body and reduce your pain.

You can talk to your doctor about the use of the Neuro E-Stim as a way to reduce the pain that you are experiencing. It is non-narcotic in nature, and does not produce any of the uncomfortable side effects that are associated with narcotics. Typically, you will experience some tingling from the device but that will replace the chronic pain that you are suffering from.

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