A Look at the Success of Neuro E-Stim

neuro e stim successLiving with chronic pain can be very difficult and it certainly does limit your quality of life in numerous ways. Unfortunately, many of the options that are available for dealing with chronic pain can have severe and long-lasting consequences of their own. For example, narcotic drugs that are provided for reducing pain can carry side effects that make it dangerous for you to operate machinery or drive an automobile. Spinal surgery can also be invasive and carries risks, including the loss of blood, infection and damage from mistakes that occur during the procedure.

One option that is used by many individuals is spinal stimulation through the Neuro E-Stim. This device provides a non-narcotic solution which reduces the pain that you are experiencing substantially. It causes electrical signals to be transmitted to the area of the spinal column and this reduces the transmission of nerve signals, which carry pain from the area of discomfort to the brain. It can also be used on a trial basis and can stimulate the spine from outside of the body to produce the desired effect. This device is FDA approved and it is something that has helped many patients to experience success in pain reduction.

Questions about the Use of the Neuro E-Stim

Some people are curious as to what type of results they will experience when they use the Neuro E-Stim. This really depends upon you and upon the specific situation that is being treated. The amount of pain relief that you experience through this type of therapy is considered to be effective when it is reduced by a minimum of 50%. This can help to reduce the amount of pain medication than is needed, although it does work along with pain medication if it is recommended by your doctor.

The Neuro E-Stim is an FDA approved device and as such, it is something that is covered by many major types of insurance, including Medicare. It can assist you in controlling chronic pain that may be a problem in various areas of the body, including chronic pain that happens in the legs or in the lower back. The device allows you to stimulate the specific area that controls the pain and to adjust the amount of stimulation that you are receiving.