Using cooled RF technology when you have hip, knee or shoulder surgery

shoulder pain relief with cooled rf technologyAny type of surgery is going to have pain that is associated with it. In some cases, that pain can be substantial and it may also be long-lasting. If your Doctor feels that it is necessary for you to have hip, knee or shoulder surgery, you may experience pain in that area for the short-term or for the long term as well. In order to overcome that pain and to improve your quality of life, your Doctor may also consider a minimally invasive procedure that is known as cooled RF technology. How can this technique help in reducing the pain that you are experiencing?.

Pain is a signal which is transmitted from the area that is causing discomfort to the brain and is interpreted in the brain as pain. It travels along the nerve path, through the spinal column and to the brain from that area. In order to reduce the pain signals that are being transmitted, the use of cooled RF technology may be considered. This minimally invasive, outpatient procedure produces lesions in the area that deaden the nerves and stop them from transmitting pain on a temporary basis. It may be possible that the pain relief that is experienced as a result of this procedure could last for several years.

Other options for reducing knee, hip and shoulder pain

It may also be possible to reduce the pain that you are experiencing when it is a chronic issue through the use of a spinal stimulator. The Neuro E-Stim is inserted into the area of the spine through a minimally invasive procedure and it stimulates the spine with electrical signals directly. This can help to substantially reduce the amount of pain that you are experiencing by stopping the transmission of pain signals to the brain.

It is possible to use the Neuro E-Stim on a temporary, trial basis before the surgical procedure takes place. It is strapped to your body and produces the electrical signals that are necessary to stimulate your spine from the outside of the body. It is controlled with a remote control device so that you can increase or decrease the stimulation and change the part of the spinal column that is being stimulated. This non-narcotic, FDA approved device may be able to help to reduce the pain that is a problem for you.