Can cooled RF technology reduce the need for hip, knee or shoulder replacement?

cooled RF technology reduce the need for shoulder replacementIf you are suffering from severe and chronic pain in your hip, knee or shoulder, your doctor may recommend that you have a replacement of that joint through a major surgical procedure. Although these procedures are done on a routine basis, there are risks that are associated with them, including the possibility for infection or additional complications, which could make the problem worse. One of the options that can be considered for reducing the pain that is associated with arthritis or damage to these areas is cooled RF technology. This technology produces lesions that deaden the nerves which are transmitting pain from the area to your brain.

Cooled RF technology is a minimally invasive procedure and as such, it carries fewer risks than more serious, major surgical procedures, such as the hip or knee replacement. It is also done on an outpatient basis so in many cases, you will be able to return to your day-to-day life in a short amount of time after the procedure takes place. In most cases, cooled RF technology is a type of treatment that will provide years of pain reduction, although additional treatments may eventually be necessary if the pain should happen to intensify or return.

An additional option to joint replacement

There are other options that are available for individuals who are suffering from joint pain. One of those options is the Neuro E-Stim, an FDA approved device which can limit the amount of pain signals that are being transmitted to the brain substantially. This device is used on a temporary basis to establish the fact that it is going to work in reducing the pain that you are experiencing. Part of the device is then inserted under the skin so that direct stimulation of the spine can occur, which will limit the transmission of pain signals to the brain. It includes a remote control, which can control the part of the spine that is being stimulated and how much stimulation is being experienced.

You can discuss the possibility of using the Neuro E-Stim to reduce the chronic pain that you are experiencing. It is non-narcotic in nature and the process is reversible, producing benefits for those that want to use it on a temporary basis or if for some reason, it ever needs to be removed.