auto accidentAutomobile accidents can cause several types of injuries and distress such as whiplash,lower back pain, broken bones, and several other severe and painful injuries. Back injuries being the most common of auto accident injuries are caused by the impact and sudden jolt and twisting of the muscles. In most cases, back injuries such as fracture, strain, sprain, thoracic spine injury, and lumbar spine injury to name a few can be treated by non-surgical pain management treatments. DFW Pain Docs provides non-invasive, non-surgical pain management for injuries and pain resulting from auto accidents. Due to the fact that our procedures are non-surgical, it helps reduce recovery time substantially. Long-term health issues can take place if injuries from an auto accident are not treated. Some of the effects of not treating pain or injuries caused by an auto accident are tingling or numbness in the arms, back, and legs, sciatica, neck pain, lower back pain, migraines, and lower back pain. Treatment of auto accident injuries by a board certified pain management physician is a good idea for anyone who is experiencing any type of pain and injuries. Auto accidents can be very stressful when dealing with insurance and treatment. DFW Pain Docs specialized in the treatment of auto injuries and can make this process less of a hassle with our knowledgeable staff. Most auto accidents result in a Letter of Protection being obtained by the injured person. A Letter of Protection is a tool used to help an injured person pay for medical care they otherwise cannot afford or obtain. A Letter of Protection is necessary to some patients that cannot afford to pay upfront health costs. This sometimes occurs because the medical insurance provider expects the person who is injured to file with their Automobile liability insurance provider to be responsible for the bills, especially when the result of the pain or injury is caused by an automobile accident. The problem with this is that the automobile liability insurance provider does not pay for bills upfront the way health insurance works. The auto insurance provider expects you to pay for the doctor and medical bills up front and then provide them with a copy of the bills or receipts to get paid back to you at the end of all treatments. This is sometimes found very difficult financially on the injured person, especially if the person injured is out of work due to the auto injury. It can also be very difficult if ongoing treatment is necessary. DFW Pain Docs accepts a Letter of Protection as payment for convenience to those injured in auto accidents. Our goal is to get you out of pain and make it as easy and stress-free as possible to you. For questions about auto accident injuries, or to find out how to schedule your consultation with DFW Pain Docs, call one of our friendly pain management coordinators to walk you through helpful details about how to eliminate pain caused by an auto accident.

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