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Why Fort Worth Patients Find Epidural Steroid Injections Are Necessary?

Back pain is a common complaint and it can occur in any part of the back, but it is a common issue in the lower back. Back pain may also lead to radiating pain that can travel down the legs. If you suffer from this type of pain, it may be due to issues such as a herniated disk, which causes inflammation in the area and can place pressure on a nerve. As a result, pain, numbness and tingling may be a constant problem and can certainly affect your quality of life. One common treatment that is available for this type of difficulty is an epidural steroid injection.

Epidural steroid injections are one of the nonsurgical pain management techniques that are available which can help to reduce the pain that you may be experiencing. In some cases, the injection itself may be sufficient to help reduce the pain that you are experiencing substantially but your physician may also feel as if rehabilitative care and therapy would provide additional benefits. It is also noteworthy that these injections may provide substantial relief for your pain but it could be a temporary benefit. Additional injections may be possible in order to continue to experience the pain relief that these injections may provide.

The most common area that is benefited by these injections is the lumbar area, which is the lower back. Your physician may also feel that epidural steroid injections would be beneficial if you are experiencing pain in your neck or in your upper back. Regardless of the area that the injection takes place, here is additional information which helps to describe the procedure in further detail.

How Are Epidural Steroid Injections Given?

These injections are given directly into the epidural space which surrounds the dural sac in the spinal column. The dural sac is found around the area of the spinal cord, including the nerve roots that travel through the area. A steroid medication is going to be injected into the area along with a local anesthetic, such as lidocaine. The local anesthetic will provide immediate relief for the pain that you are experiencing. The steroid produces the benefits of reducing inflammation in the area, which can help to take some of the pressure off of the nerve root that is causing the pain that you are experiencing.

During the time that you are undergoing this outpatient procedure, you will likely be on your stomach on a table in a clinical setting. A pillow may be placed under your abdominal area, which will help you to be more comfortable during this procedure.

A topical anesthetic may be injected which will help to reduce the pain that may be associated with the epidural steroid injection itself. The next injection will be of a contrasting dye, which will help the physician to locate the specific area where the epidural steroid injection will be given. Through the use of x-rays, the steroidal injection will be guided precisely to the area where the pain is a problem. Floroscopy may also be considered for additional guidance if necessary.

Some pressure may be felt when the steroid injection is given. This is due to the amount of steroid that may be used, which puts pressure in the area. It is not typically a painful sensation.

Many people experience almost immediate relief from their back pain because of the anesthetics that are used. As the steroid reduces inflammation in the area, additional and prolonged relief from your pain may also be experienced. You may also have certain side effects, which could result in injection site tenderness. This is something that is temporary and can typically be treated by over-the-counter medications or through the use of an ice pack after the injection takes place. In most cases, individuals who receive epidural steroid injections will be able to return to work the following day.

At the DFWPainDocs, we understand how to treat pain in any area of the body, including back pain. Nonsurgical techniques, such as epidural steroid injections can be provided by our qualified and experienced professionals. You can contact us for more information about epidural steroid injections or for information about how we can help to treat the pain that you are experiencing effectively.

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