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We Offer Help with Back Pain

Pain can be experienced in any part of the body but one of the most common areas where it is a problem is in the back. In fact, back pain is one of the most common issues which require individuals to miss work and it can certainly affect your quality of life. The fact the matter is, there are many different reasons why you may be experiencing back pain and, depending upon the reason why you are experiencing it, the type of treatment may differ. That is why it is important for you to contact the DFW Pain Docs for more information about your back pain and what can be done in order to treat it effectively.

In some cases, the back pain is due to an injury, such as blunt force trauma or because you lifted something improperly. This often affects the lower back, causing pain directly in the area of the back and the possibility radiating pain down the legs along with tingling or numbness. When this is a problem, a nonsurgical treatment will often be considered and you may be able to get some relief from the right type of physical therapy or pain management therapy. In other cases, it may be necessary for a surgical treatment to take place. This may be possible through a minimally invasive procedure, which will reduce any problems that you may experience as a result of it being completed.

The upper back and neck area is also a common part of the spine which may experience difficulties. This is often due to an injury, such as whiplash which can occur if you are in an automobile accident. There are a number of ways to treat spinal injuries when they occur in the area of the neck as well. As is the case with your lower back, a nonsurgical treatment will be considered first but if necessary, a minimally invasive procedure may also be considered.

Many people have experienced relief from using a product that is known as the Neuro-E Stimulator. This device can be used on a temporary basis or can be surgically implanted to provide you with pain relief by stimulating the spine directly. We will discuss this device in further detail in this article. In addition, there may be a need to remove some of the disc material which could be pressing against the nerve and causing the pain that you are experiencing. This is often a problem with a herniated disc or if you have a difficulty with degenerative disc disease. By removing the part of the disc that is causing the problem, it can take the pressure off of the nerve and may be able to help reduce the pain that you are experiencing significantly.

When you suffer from back pain, you can count on the DFW Pain Docs to provide you with relief in a professional manner. We are experienced at helping individuals who suffer from pain and can assist you with the proper technique for your needs.

We Provide Relief from Injuries

Another issue which could result in pain that is severe or chronic is to be injured. If you suffer from an injury, regardless of whether it is a sports related injury, an automobile accident or if you are injured on the job, it is important for you to get the help that you need so that you can overcome the pain. Doing so will allow you to get back to your day-to-day life and to reduce the difficulties that you may be experiencing as a result of your injury.

One of the common types of injuries is a sports related injury. Even if we are in excellent shape, it is possible for us to twist an ankle, blow-out a knee or have any number of different problems which could lead to severe and crippling injuries. Although these can be difficult, there are treatments that are available which may be able to help to get you back on your feet again. When you contact the DFW Pain Docs, you can be certain that our professionals will look at your injury and see what can be done in order to treat it effectively.

Another issue that commonly occurs is to be injured on the job. If this is a problem for you, it is important for you to take certain steps so that you can be covered completely for the injury that you experience. For example, you need to make sure that your supervisor is notified about the injury and you also need to make your employer aware of it in writing within 30 days after the accident occurred which led to the injury that you experienced. In many cases, following the correct procedure will make quite a difference in your being able to be covered for the injury that occurred on the job.

Have you recently been in an automobile accident? This can produce severe injuries, including broken bones, neck and back injuries and injuries to your internal organs. It is important for you to seek the help that you need as soon as possible by contacting the DFW Pain Docs. The stress that occurs to the human body during an automobile accident or if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident can be a lifelong problem. The impact of the accident can cause your body to twist in ways that are unnatural and it can result in fractures, sprains, strains, spine injury and many other issues.

At times, the pain that we experience as a result of an injury is not something that is going to show up immediately. It may take years before the injury manifests itself and by that time, it may be more difficult to treat. Rest assured, when you contact the DFW Pain Docs for assistance with any type of injury pain, you can be certain that we are going to offer you solutions that can assist you in getting back on your feet again.

Proud to Offer the New Neuro-E Stim Procedure

There are many options which are available to individuals that suffer from pain. One of those options that may be considered when you contact the DFW Pain Docs for assistance is the use of the new Neuro-E stim procedure. This is something that has helped many individuals to deal with their pain effectively and to overcome it to the extent where they are able to enjoy a higher quality of life again. What is this procedure and how can it assist you in overcoming the pain that you are experiencing?

The Neuro-E stimulator is a device that is used on the spinal column and it produces electrical pulses which can help to reduce the chronic pain that you may be experiencing. It may also help with a number of different motor disorders, depending upon your specific needs and why you may be experiencing the difficulty. The device that you are provided with when you use the Neuro-E stimulator includes a remote control. This allows you to adjust the amount of stimulation that you are experiencing and the exact area that is being stimulated. Why is this important?

One of the benefits of having a remote control with the Neuro-E stimulator is the fact that it gives you a convenient way to adjust the settings for the device. Similar devices may include a cord that attaches the controls permanently. A remote control device is a much more convenient option and it is one that you will likely find to your benefit, when you begin to use it.

One of the common questions about the Neuro-E stimulator is if it is going to work in your particular situation. Fortunately, there is a way for this to be determined before any type of surgical procedure take place. A temporary trial period can be utilized which will allow you to take full advantage of what the Neuro-E stimulator has to offer without actually having it surgically inserted in your body. This trial situation can help you to see the degree that your pain will be controlled and how easy it is for you to control it on your own.

Once the trial period is over, the Neuro-E stimulator can be inserted into the body permanently so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits that it has to offer. Rather than using temporary electrodes that are put into place, you will be using internal electrical diodes, which will generate the current that is used to reduce the pain that you are experiencing. This is done using a local anesthetic, which will numb both the skin and the tissue that is deeper. A needle is going to be passed through the tissue into the epidural space and the electrodes will be inserted through the needle. You will also be happy to know, it is a reversible procedure so if you ever feel as if it is necessary to have it removed, the specialists at DFW Pain Docs will be able to do so.

The Benefits of Coolief

Do you suffer from chronic back pain? If you do, the specialists at the DFW Pain Docs can discuss a procedure with you which may be able to help to reduce the pain and change your quality of life significantly. This procedure is known as Coolief, which is a cooled radiofrequency procedure that is performed in a clinical setting. It is outpatient and is minimally invasive, so it can be used conveniently in order to provide the pain really that you may need.

Among the benefits that are provided when you use Coolief is the fact that it will not only provide you with effective pain relief, it will also provide a greater degree of mobility. Since it is an outpatient procedure that is nonsurgical in nature, the difficulties that may be experienced may also be reduced as well.

If you're interested in understanding how Coolief works, it targets the nerves that are causing the pain that you are experiencing. Those who go through the procedure may experience pain relief of up to two years in duration, along with a reduction in their need for medication and improved physical function. Of course, the specific benefits that are offered by Coolief or any other procedure are going to differ from one individual to another but many people who have used this procedure in the past were able to do so with quick recovery time and without having to stay in the hospital.

You may also be concerned about the possibility that the procedure will be painful. Although it may be possible that there is some discomfort when the procedure is being completed, there is no incision that is involved so the discomfort will likely be minimal. Typically, any discomfort that is experienced when you go through the Coolief procedure can be controlled with over-the-counter medication.

Although the amount of time that it takes to go through this procedure may differ from one individual to another, it is not likely to last for more than an hour. You will need to follow your doctors recommended instructions but in most cases, you are going to be able to get back your day-to-day activities within a few days, although there may be some limitations which exist in your particular case. The pain relief that comes as a result of Coolief does not occur immediately but typically, it begins to be felt within one or two weeks after the procedure has been done. Many individuals who have undergone this therapy experience long-lasting benefits but in some cases, additional treatments may be necessary.

If you are suffering from pain, you can contact the DFW Pain Docs for more information about the services that they provide. We have 10 offices located throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area and offer same or next day appointments to those that need them. Contact us today on the telephone or stop by one of our locations to see how we can assist you with the pain that you are experiencing.

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